About us

Naughty Boyz was founded in 1994 when Joris Vergauwe decided to make a profession out of his hobby. He wanted to turn his dream into a reality.

With 30 years of experience in the world of Hot Rods and Kustoms and a well-trained eye for details Joris managed very quickly in helping out other people realizing their dreams.

Because Joris' passion for Hot Rods started out as a hobby he understands very well how expensive this hobby and passion can be. That's the reason why he's keeping his prizes so customer friendly.

But what is it that he does?

There's not a lot that he doesn't do: from ordering the parts you need to maintaining your car to even partially or completely build your Hot Rod! And it doesn't stop with cars; he works with the same passion on bikes!

what if the parts you want are very hard to get or no longer available at all?

Even that isn't a problem with Naughty Boyz. Joris is well-trained in metal shaping and can basically make any part himself. He even took courses with Lazze Janson for this; the man who dedicated his life to building cars and shaping metal and now teaches other people for over 10 years.

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